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A Lounge Chair Inspired by a Cocktail

May 22, 2013 11:30 AM

BY Christine Chang Hanway

Inspired by the Acapulco chair (named after the Mexican beach town of the same name), Mexican designers Léon Léon update this classic chair from the 1950s.

Spotted first on Poppytalk: By mixing handcraft with artistic techniques, Léon Léon founders Oscar Mora and Pauline Dornic have come up with three new designs based on the original. With thirteen different colors, the combinations are endless; not to mention delectable (just like the drinks after which they are named).

Above: The Blue Lagoon features the same shape as the original Acapulco chair from the 1950s; $419.

Above: All the chairs are made by hand and are available in three different weaving materials; plastic, vegetal fiber, or leather.

Above: The Daiquiri is the circular version of the original Alcapulco chair; $419.

Above: The Mojito is a new Léon Léon design and can used as a dining or desk chair; $579.

Above: The multi-purpose Margarita is lightweight and functional; $289.

Above: The Paloma is woven with Henequén, a vegetal fiber extracted from the Yucatán state of Mexico; natural, simple, and ecological; $419.

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