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Colorful Cookware: Terra Cotto Ceramic Pots from Italy

October 29, 2015 11:00 AM

BY Margot Guralnick

Currently coveting: Terra Cotto, Milanese architect Stefania Vasques’s colorful, angular clay cookware line. Made of fireproof terracotta known for its heat-diffusing properties, the pots can be used on stovetops, in ovens and microwaves, and over flames; they’re also fine in the dishwasher. We like their matte colors and Russian-Constructivist-style geometry.

Photography via Unison Home, except where noted.

Above: Vasques designed the Terra Cotto line for Italian cutlery company Sambonet (now a division of Rosenthal). There are nine oven-to-table casseroles in five matte glazes; each comes with a terracotta recipe booklet. Photograph via the FonQ, which offers the line in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Above: The 9.5-inch-tall, 5.5-quart Terra Cotto Sage Green Conical Saucepot with Lid is $150 from Fitsu. Unison Home of Chicago also offers the line, though it’s currently sold out. Other US retailers include Rodale’s and Bliss Home

Above: The 3.5-inch-tall, 4.25-quart Terra Cotto Casserole in Nutmeg is $135 from Sambonet. 

Above: The 3.75-inch-tall, 6.25-inch-wide Terra Cotto Saucepot in Saffron is $115 from Rodale’s.

Above: Each pot has a dark glazed interior for easy cleaning. The four-inch-tall Terra Cotto Oval Casserole is $170 from Sambonet.

Above: Sambonet has also begun offering a capsule collection of the designs in cast iron. This Terra Cotto Cast-Iron Casserole in Saffron is $115. Photograph via Sambonet.

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