Ten Belles: International Coffee in Paris by

Issue 47 · Dining and Entertaining · November 19, 2012

Ten Belles: International Coffee in Paris

Issue 47 · Dining and Entertaining · November 19, 2012

For great design, sometimes all you need is good friends, superior coffee, and some really cool stools. Of course, a hip Paris location doesn't hurt either.

Discovered via Anknels and Burblets, Ten Belles, the latest shop to enter the burgeoning coffee scene in the City of Lights, is already a local favorite. Fans praise not only the brewing prowess of barista Thomas Lehoux, who learned his art from an American, but also the homemade fare offered up by Alice Quillet and Anna Trattles of the equally popular Le Bal Café. Add to this winning combination fresh design concepts like a bouquet of raspberries on the bar and signature foldable stools and you have a recipe for coffeehouse bliss.

Photography courtesy of Anknel and Burblets (except where noted).

Ten Belles Coffee barista Thomas Lahoux

Above: Ten Belles owner Thomas Lahoux has been described as "the best barista in Paris." Photograph by Justin Chung.

Ten Belles Coffee raspberries at the bar

Above: At Ten Belles, everything is fresh, even the bunch of raspberries on the bar.

Ten Belles Coffee exterior

Above: Extemporaneous groupings are made possible by a proliferation of folding stools inside and out, designed by Pierre Hourquet

Ten Belles Coffee menu and grounds

Above: Conceived by the owners (with some advice from architect friends), the design of Ten Belles was purposefully simple and straightforward. Here, a spare shelf needs nothing more than a menu and some good grounds (and those raspberries again).

Ten Belles Coffee treats

Above: If the smell of Ten Belles' fresh roasted coffee doesn't temp you, Alice and Anna's baked goods are sure to. Photo via Substance of Style.

Ten Belles Coffee chocolate taste

Above: Something for the chocoholic.

Ten Belles Coffee sign

Above: Ten Belles' sign was painted by Jacky, a 70-year-old Frenchman who has been hand painting shop signs his whole life. The branding was done by David Rager.

Ten Belles Coffee barista Thomas Lahoux outside

Above: Effecting his most convincing Seattle vibe, Thomas Lahoux stands outside his new venture. Photograph by Justin Chung.

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