ISSUE 31  |  Pacific Northwest Living

Tabletop: Kraft Paper Table Runner Update

August 05, 2010 3:00 PM

BY Julie Carlson

We posted about Kraft paper as instant table runner a couple of weeks ago; Amy (of the blog Good Gumption) takes the idea a step further: "On a recent visit to Bar Jules in San Francisco, I was charmed by how they keep track of table reservations—they simply write the name of the person who’s reserved the table directly on the Kraft paper runner. Why not apply the same concept at home and use Kraft paper in lieu of table runner/place cards?"

Above: Keep a set of 36 Cedar Color Pencils in a Tube (made from recycled cardboard) on the table; $11.25 at Muji online.

Above: A roll of 36-inch-wide, 612-foot-long Kraft Butcher Paper, made from recycled fiber, is $40.47 at Reliable Paper.


Above: A Single Roll Paper Cutter that sits on a counter or mounts to the wall or under the counter is $46.95 for the 36-inch wide cutter at Amazon.

Above: We like this idea: a Kraft paper dispenser installed near the kitchen, useful for gift wrapping as well. Photos via Utah Style & Design Magazine.