ISSUE 16  |  Postcards from Belgium

Tabletop: High/Low Simple Drinking Glasses

April 21, 2010 1:00 PM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

These highly covetable, thin-walled Simple Water Glasses by New York sculptor Deborah Ehrlich may seem steep at $195 for a set of four, however, given that each piece is hand-blown, handcut, and polished by a small family business in Sweden, they start to seem compelling. If such an investment is not an option, here are a couple of good inexpensive alternatives from CB2 and Ikea (shown below).

Above: Simple Water Glasses by Deborah Ehrlich; $195 for a set of four from Moss in New York.


Above: The micro-thin Marta Cooler Glass is $2.50 from CB2 


Above: The delicate yet sturdy Svalka Glass from Ikea is a great staple; the glasses disappeared for a while from Ikea, so we are pleased to note their reappearance; $4.99 for a set of six.