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Colorblocked Cutting Boards by Lostine at Anthropologie

January 19, 2012 7:30 PM

BY Alexa Hotz

Currently admiring: color-blocked cutting boards, handmade by Lostine in Philadelphia.

When I first spotted these sycamore boards, I wondered if it made sense to have a painted cutting board. But after learning about Lostine’s process, in which the boards are painted with food-safe milk paint and protected by a coat of mineral oil, I was convinced (so convinced, I ordered the colorblocked bread board for my own kitchen).

Above: The boards range from $128 to $248 at Anthropologie.

Above: The one I bought: Colorblocked Bread Board; $128.

Above: The Colorblocked Balloon Cutting Board features a leather-and-wood handle; $248.

Above: The Colorblocked Baguette Board; $198.

Above: The Colorblocked Balloon Cutting Board has a leather handle; $248.