ISSUE 25  |  The Life Aquatic

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June 23, 2014 7:30 AM

BY Remodelista Team

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Now that it’s officially summer, we’re heading to the waterfront. Join us this week as we hang out in hammocks and celebrate all things nautical.

Above: Care for a dock off your front door?  Photograph from A Floating House on Lake Huron.


Above: Izabella shows us around Oaxen Slip, a remarkable new Stockholm bistro and Michelin-starred dining room in a rebuilt boatyard—it’s today’s Restaurant Visit.


Above: Did you know that the British Royal Navy once slept aboard ship in cocoon-like hammocks that rocked with the waves? This week’s Object Lesson by Megan Wilson is the nautical hammock. 


Above: A group of NYC creatives (including the duo behind Fredericks & Mae) spend summer weekends on a houseboat docked a subway ride away. It’s Wednesday’s Rehab Diary. Photograph by Douglas Lyle Thompson for Remodelista.


Above: In Thursday’s House Call, Julie presents a well-accessorized beach house available for rent in Cornwall, England.  


Above: Artist Cassandra Wilson applies a new twist to the classic sailor’s monkey knot; read about her designs in Margot’s Friday Nautical Accessories post.


Above: Christine’s Weekend Spotlight is a boathouse in Oregon, artfully converted into living quarters, standing seam metal roof included.

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