ISSUE 44  |  In the Kitchen

Studio Visit: Black Creek Mercantile & Trading Co. in the Hudson Valley

November 01, 2010 8:21 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Our fellow design watcher Jerome Buttrick introduced us to the work of Joshua Vogel, an architect turned wood artisan and furniture designer. Vogel is a cofounder of BDDW (the Tribeca furniture gallery that's produced some the past decade's most covetable pieces), co-designer of the recently opened Sawkille Co. Furniture & Fine Goods, and owner of Black Creek Mercantile & Trading Co.—a studio that produces sculptural wood turnings, limited edition furniture, and "meaningful small products." For more information or to schedule a studio appointment, email Vogel at Black Creek Mercantile.

Above: Turned vessels by Vogel.

Above: "Using the wood lathe is unlike any other aspect of woodworking," Vogel says. "The nature of turning requires a prolonged state of concentration; the process itself demands a type of meditative effort not unlike throwing a clay pot, only it is completely reductive, like carving stone."

Above: Scenes from Vogel's recent show at the newly opened One Mile Gallery in Kingston, New York.