ISSUE 4  |  The Rustic Life

Studio Choo Blooms in San Francisco

January 26, 2012 9:30 PM

BY Alexa Hotz

As a floral designer in my past life, I have long been an admirer of San Francisco's Studio Choo for their emphasis on locally grown and wild flora.

I was so interested in their work that one foggy afternoon a few years ago, I drove from the city to an address listed on their blog in Pacifica. I assumed that they had a store there, but when I pulled onto a quiet residential street, I realized that proprietors Alethea Harampolish and Jill Rizzo designed flowers out of their houses. I was too shy to knock, but when the two best friends opened their official store in January of 2010, I was delighted to visit and have referred friends there ever since. Located on Divisadero Street in San Francisco, Studio Choo (as a part of Prairie Collective, a group of friends with similar small business) boasts a selection of home accessories in addition to seasonal flower arrangements.

Above: An arrangement of scabiosa stellata, olive branches, bearded iris, and kangaroo paw mingles with a collection of locally produced ceramics.

Above: Wooden utensils sit in a wire mesh basket.

Above: Grapevines adorn a mantel.

Above: A succulent wreath hangs above vases of tulips, daffodils, and ranunculus.

Above: The store's home goods include wool blankets, pottery, and apothecary jars of wooden matches.

Above: A bromeliad air plant sits in a gourd container, while dried hydrangea is arranged in a stoneware ceramic vase.

Above: Welsh woven blankets and pillows are paired with a vase of pink foxglove. White blooming branches stretch out over the display cabinet.

Above: The store on Divisadero is painted white to set off the wooden beams.

Above: Yellow Rosa banksia stand out on a foggy afternoon.

Above: Studio Choo's sandwich board keeps passersby informed of new arrivals from the market.