ISSUE 75  |  Travels with an Editor: Paris

String Lights with Precision: Konstellation by Peter Marigold

June 04, 2013 5:30 PM

BY Christine Chang Hanway

Those partial to string lights (is there anyone who isn’t?) will enjoy the Konstellation System, an ingenious collaboration between Brit designer Peter Marigold and Danish designers Lindberg Eyewear, famous for their lightweight titanium frames. Working with the material’s capacity to conduct electricity from one LED to the next, Marigold’s system is made of many individual titanium elements that can be joined together to create an endless variety of patterns and structures. For more information, contact Peter Marigold

Above: A delicate web of lights can be created with the Konstellation system. 

Above: Electrical currents run through the titanium rods and light up the LEDs.

Above: The titanium elements and their joints “dry fit” together and do not require soldering for easy handling and installation.

Above: A circle of light.

Above: Starry starry night. 

Above: When the titanium elements disappear into the dark, the LED’s have an appearance of being suspended in the air. Image via Libby Sellers

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