ISSUE 29  |  Cabin Living

Storage: Woven Adirondack Pack Baskets

July 22, 2011 3:30 PM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

We like the idea of using woven ash Adirondack packs for stashing magazines, containing household clutter, or transporting beach picnic essentials. Here's a roundup of options:

Above: Image via Rockett St. George.

Above L: Classic Black Ash Backpack with Leather Straps by John E. McGuire. Above R: Black Ash Backpack via Brook Farm General Store; $125 at Brook Farm General Store.

Above: Adirondack Pack Baskets start at $140 for the smallest size at Adirondack Basketry.

Above: Adirondack Pack Baskets; prices range from $75 to $350 at Canoeing.