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Storage: Euro-Style Wall Shelves

October 02, 2008 4:09 PM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

We’ve admired the Magnetique shelves  by Swen Krause for German company Nils Holger Moorman for a while now; unfortunately, we haven’t been able to find a retail source. We’ve rounded up some other shelving that can be ordered directly from the manufacturers.

Below: Although these metal ItBoxes are not as easily rearrangeable as the magnetic shelves, they can be fixed to the wall in any format.  The ItBoxes are made of finely polished, color-anodized aluminum, come in 11 different sizes and 7 different colors, and are available from the Swiss firm ItDesign.

Below: On a more orthodox note, these straightforward Clever Wall Drawers designed by Markus Boge and Patrick Frey would work well in a variety of settings: beside a bed, in a hallway, or in a row above a desk. Available in four colors; small size is 89.60 Euros and the large size is 97.90 Euros from Manufactum.

Below: The PoggiBonsi shelf is made from a single sheet of steel and is available in five colors. 89 Euros at Atelier Haussmann in Berlin; also available at POAA in the Netherlands (they ship worldwide).

Below: The Brackets Included Shelves, designed by  Sylvain Willenz, are $199 each at Gnr8.