ISSUE 10  |  European Sensibilities

Storage: Moroccan Baskets from Medina

March 09, 2010 9:00 PM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

I love the versatility of baskets; great for toting produce from the farmer's market, but equally useful for ad-hoc storage around the house. Medina, a small family business based in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, is a good online resource for baskets and has been importing them since 1985. The baskets are hand woven in Morocco from sustainably grown palm leaf, water reed, and wild grasses.

Above: Basket as planter in a house on Ibiza, via the Style Files.

Above: A basket used as a planter via London-based Parma Lilac Interior.

Above: A basket used for wood storage, via Jane Cumberbatch.

Above: The classic leather-edged Trim Market Basket is $48 from Medina.

Above: The Medina Log Basket is $56.

Above: The French Basket is $42.

Above: Not a tote but equally useful, the Natural Accra Basket is $66.