ISSUE 9  |  Garden Design

Storage: Sticotti Shelving from Design Within Reach

March 05, 2009 10:26 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Recently admired in the DWR Tools for Living store in Soho: Argentinean architect Alejandro Sticotti’s shelving collection, made from warm South American hardwoods cerejeira and lapacho. A master horizontal bar at the top supports the unit, while the shelves are slotted into the notches on the vertical wooden strips on the side. The Sticotti Collection shelving comes in two widths (the wider works well as a desk area when space is limited) and is currently 15 percent off, with free shipping.

Above: Sticotti Desk Shelf Add On is $85 (down from $100).

Above: Sticotti Shelving A is $1,147.50.

Above: Sticotti Shelving B is  $1,020 (down from $1,200).

Abovd: Sticotti Shelving C is $1,615 (down from $1,900).