ISSUE 18  |  Shaker Style

Storage: Shaker Pegboards and Hangers

May 04, 2009 4:00 PM

BY Julie Carlson

 From Julie & Sarah:

The Shaker practice of encircling a room in pegboards—creating multiple storage opportunities—appeals to our mania for order.

Above: Shaker Workshops offers pegboards (a precise copy of the pegboards at the 1830 Hancock Shaker Village) sold by the linear foot; go to Shaker Workshops for information.

Above: Shaker Workshops sells Shaker Clothes Hangers made of unfinished maple with a leather thong (similar to the antiques shown above); a set of three adult size hangers is $21.25 and a set of three children’s hangers is $18.25. Arch Shaped Clothes Hangers are $22.50 for three.