ISSUE 18  |  Shaker Style

Storage: Shaker Boxes, Carriers, and Trays

May 05, 2009 7:00 PM

BY Janet Hall

The glut of storage and organizing products on the market makes me yearn for simplicity; a simple dressing rooms with hooks and simple boxes for small items, for instance, or an office with a simple stack of oval shaker boxes for desk supplies. Here are a few favorite Shaker storage items.

Above: The Handled Carrier of handcrafted cherry; $46 to $76 at the Shaker Museum.

Above: Classic Shaker Storage Boxes with lids are beautiful and versatile; $29 to $68 at Shaker Style.

Above: Shaker Divided Bureau Tray, $40 in cherry; $44 in maple at the Barn in Bloomfield.

Above: Shaker Oval Box Desk Accessories; $93.75 for the set (also available individually) at Shaker Workshops.