ISSUE 29  |  Kitchen Décor

Storage: MOME:life Mix and Match Stainless Steel Organizing System

July 22, 2009 10:30 AM

BY Janet Hall

 From Janet

Designed by architect Laura Joines-Novotny, the MOME:life Modern Mix and Match Stainless Steel Organization System is fabricated in California of aircraft-quality stainless steel. The modular shelf, hook, and bin accessories fit simply into wall-mounted rails that are available in 4-, 12-, 24-, and 48-inch lengths. No hardware is required. Great in the kitchen, bath, or office.

Above: Mounting Rail in 4-, 12-, 24-, and 48-inch lengths ($15 to $39) paired with Set of Four Hooks ($48).

Above: The 12-inch Big Bin is $42.

Above: Hold Me Rail Mounted 12-Inch Shelf is $32.

Above: The Hooks, Rails, and Shelves work equally well in the bathroom.

Above: The Slippy Soap and Toothbrush Shelf is $25.

Above: The Little Bin, perfect for toilet paper storage, is $32.

Above: The Tri Me Bins magnetize to the shelf; $42 for a set of two.