ISSUE 18  |  Shaker Style

Storage: Henrybuilt Wardrobes

May 08, 2009 11:00 PM

BY Janet Hall

On my visit to New York earlier this week, I stopped in at Henrybuilt, in Soho, and got a sneak peak of the latest addition to the company’s Whole House line of integrated furniture‚Äďa wardrobe system. The new system integrates dresser and closet functions with finely detailed components that are tailored to the clients space constraints and storage needs. As with all Henrybuilt products, there are a number of thoughtful and aesthetically appealing features: sleek leather drawer pulls, felt storage pockets, and a built-in laundry hamper. For more information and pricing, contact Henrybuilt.

Above: Cabinet doors are coated in a pigmented varnish with several color options.

Above: Front view of integrated wardrobe dressing area that includes a wooden sliding valet tray.

Above:  The handmade leather handles.

Above: Interior storage system with felt pockets; other interior functional accessories are crafted of powder-coated steel, wood, and paperstone.

Above: Interior drawers and closet door.

Above: The integrated laundry basket with removable fabric liner.