ISSUE 37  |  Stealth Glamour

Stealth Luxury: Cashmere Blankets Made in LA

September 12, 2012 1:30 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Greg Chait is an unlikely purveyor of luxury. The bearded, sandaled Venice, CA-based designer behind cult luxury brand The Elder Statesman set out to make the world's softest cashmere blanket a couple of years ago; he's since expanded his operations to include cashmere hoodies, ponchos, and sweaters.

Above: Chait at home in Venice; photo via the Hip Subscription.

Above: A detail of one of Chait's heavy-gauge cashmere blanket. Made of hand-spun cashmere, each 16-panel blanket weighs 10 pounds. The price? To be filed under "If you have to ask…" go to The Elder Statesman for ordering information.

Above: A cashmere hand-stitched quilt.