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Steal This Look: Traditional English Laundry Room

January 19, 2011 11:00 AM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

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We like the old-world domesticity of this British laundry room spotted on Light Locations (in particular, the sink balanced on two piles of bricks and wedged between two tables). Use the elements below to recreate a similar look.

Above: Fireclay sinks were, at one time, very much a mainstay of the British home. The Belle Foret F3 Kit Fireclay Sink is $408 from Every Faucet.

Above: A traditional British laundry typically features an overhead drying rack (to take advantage of warm air rising). The Supreme Six Lath Ceiling Airer from Kitchen Maid comes with a selection of lathes and pulleys and is $204.16 at Urban Clotheslines.

Above: Wooden tables are ideal for folding laundry; consider the Goran table from Ikea, which features a birch plywood top, solid aspen and alder legs, and galvanized steel components. The table measures 59 inches long, 28.75 inches wide, and 28 inches high and is $49.99 at Ikea.

Above: For the domestically challenged, consider creating table-skirt curtains using VIvan Curtains from Ikea for $14.99, which can be cut to size and hemmed with the included iron-on strip.

Above: To hang the curtains, use Net Curtain Wire and hooks to attach. The Integra wire shown above comes in six standard lengths from 76cm to 274cm and includes two hooks and two eyes; prices start at £1.25.

Above: Made by Dandux, which has been supplying hotels, restaurants, and the US government since 1918, steel and heavy-duty canvas Laundry Carts from Restoration Hardware start at $129 for the smallest size.

Above: Add a rustic note with a Vintage Bottle Holder; $70 at Etsy.

Above: Decant liquid laundry detergents into Strom bottles from Ikea; $2.99 each.