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Steal This Look: Valentine’s Day at Summerill & Bishop

February 11, 2011 9:30 PM

BY Christine Chang Hanway

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London-based friends June Summerill (a Brit with an affinity for all things French) and Bernadette Bishop (a native of France) love to entertain and cook. Sixteen years ago, they founded the Notting Hill shop Summerill & Bishop as a natural extension of their domestic preoccupations, offering a mix of pieces from French designers like Astier Villatte and classic English household items like wooden ironing boards.

We recently asked June and Bernadette to come up with a springlike Valentine's table setting for Remodelista using pieces from Summerill & Bishop.

Above: Bernadette Bishop (L) and June Summerill (R), London doyennes of cooking and entertaining, in their shop. The rustic Wooden Table was made in Italy from reclaimed wood planks.

Above: For a Champagne brunch, June and Bernadette set the table with fresh-cut roses in Small Water Carafes and bundles of dried fennel, which signify the passing of winter. The drinkware includes Vintage Champagne Coupes and Lime Clair Glasses.

Above: A simple Ceramic Wine Cooler by Jacqueline Morabito with a white and pink gauze Fog Linen Tea Towel anchors the table setting, while an Amethyst Baas Carafe adds a hint of color. Heart-Shaped Wooden Plates are set atop Round Mauve Raffia Place Mats.

Above: Nontron cutlery and knives have been made by hand in the Perigord region of France since the 15th century; the boxwood used for the handles is left to air-dry for five years before being shaped and hand decorated with ancient wood burned figures.

Above: For an oyster setting, June and Bernadette use a Serving Platter made from the bark of the cork tree. Platters like these are used in the South of France, Corsica, and the Mediterranean to serve seafood, vegetables, and fruit. The Cote Bastide Linen Tea Towel is long enough to be used as a table runner.

Above: Sprigs of greenery from June's garden hint at the coming of spring; the smaller Cote Bastide Tea Towels, used as napkins, are tied with olive branches from the tree outside the shop.

Above: A slight asymmetry gives this WonkiWare glazed stoneware individual charm. Each item is hand made by indigenous craftspeople in South Africa. The Naples Silver Matte Cutlery is from Astier de Villatte.

Above: Delicate but durable, the Carafe Gedeon by Astier de Villate is Inspired by 18th and 19th century designs and sits in harmony with the whimsical shapes of the Cote Bastide Wine Glasses. Four porcelain Love Votives spell out an appropriate message for Valentine's Day.

Photos by Stephanie Wolff of London in Sight.