ISSUE 52  |  Holidays at Home

Steal This Look: Scandinavian Bedroom by Mjolk in Toronto

December 27, 2011 11:30 AM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

One of our favorite blogs is KItka by Juli and John, the owners of Mjolk, a Toronto store showcasing a range of Scandinavian and Japanese design. The couple has integrated pieces from their shop throughout their own home; we especially like their bedroom ("Our vision was for it to be comfortable, clean, and—above all else—simple," they say).

Above: The reindeer hide on the white painted floors used to be on the shop floor but made its way to the bedroom.

Above: The couple's Koster Bed is from Carpe Diem Sweden (the gingham pillows are by Hastens from Sweden): "We are shocked at how different this bed is from all previous experiences," they say." We love its simplicity (no need to buy a frame and headboard) and the fact that Carpe Diem uses only natural materials (it has the Swan Eco-Label Certification)."

Above: In lieu of a bedside table, the couple opted for the Libri Shelf.

Above: A dress displayed on the Krummi Bird Clothes Hanger.

Above: The Artek Stool 60 is upholstered in Marimekko's Varvunraita fabric. The birch-bark bag is designed by Finnish designer Harri Koskinen exclusively for the Café Alvar A. at the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, which sells a selection of Finnish products.

Above: Baby Rocket Stool by Eero Aarnio; $300 from Unica Home.

Above: Crux Blanket by Pia Wallen; CA$850 from Mjolk.

Above: Le Klint Beech Accordion Light; $705 from All Modern.

Above: Asplund Snow Dresser; $1,450 from Scandinavian Grace; it's also available at Mjolk (contact directly for pricing).

Above: Krummi Bird Clothes Hanger; $45 from Mjolk.

Above: Le Klint Pendant 101 by Kaare Klint; currently on sale for $262.20 (originally $327.75) from Y Lighting.

Above: Libri Shelf from Swedese (contact directly for pricing); also available for £788 from Haus in the UK. (A less pricey option is the Wall Bookshelf from Conran's Well Considered Collection; $125.)