ISSUE 94  |  Handyman Special

Industrial Light and Magic: A Disco-Inspired Cafe in Holland

October 14, 2013 7:00 PM

BY Julie Carlson

When Studio Bertjan Pot was invited to design an installation at the Grand Cafe Wenneker in Schiedam, near Rotterdam, inspiration struck in the form of a safety ladder and a set of carnival lights, which were delivered to the studio at the same time (to be used on different projects). “When they arrived, it suddenly seemed like the perfect illogical combination–rawness and glitter,” Pot says. To learn more, go to Studio Bertjan Pot.

Above: Studio Bertjan Pot’s Downstairs Light is available from Den Herder Production House (DH PH) by special order in sizes ranging from four steps to eight steps or more.

Above: The bar features tiled graphics.

Above: The melting disco ball installation, “Quelle Fete,” is by Rotganzen.

Above: The reclaimed refectory tables are by Onno Donkers-Vormgeving.

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