Squeaky Clean: Lint-Free Cloths

May 09, 2012 2:30 PM

BY Janet Hall

A cleaning supply essential: lint-free natural fiber cleaning cloths that are absorbent, effective, and don't leave a trail of lint in their wake (perfect for polishing glasses or computer screens).

Above: Ideal for drying glassware, the Linen Scrim leaves no marks or residue (for best results, boil before use); £4.50 at Labour and Wait.

Above: Caldrea Lint-Free Cleaning Cloths are made from 100-percent cotton; $10 for a pack of six at Caldrea.

Above: The Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth from the Laundress is 100-percent cotton non-toxic, allergen-free, and biodegradable; $20 for a set of three.

Above: Painter's Choice Rags are made of all new cotton t-shirt material specially processed for extra absorbency and lint-free polishing, cleaning, and painting; $2.29 for a half-pound bag at True Value Hardware.