Speed Cleaning: A Fast New Dishwasher from Miele by

Issue 30 · Summer in the City · July 25, 2012

Speed Cleaning: A Fast New Dishwasher from Miele

Issue 30 · Summer in the City · July 25, 2012

I love my Miele dishwasher for many reasons (not least that Miele is still a family-owned company). It offers the best cleaning performance and quietest operation of the four different brands of dishwashers I have used over the years. There is one issue: the lengthy running time. But, the long waits might be over. Miele has just announced a new model with a speeded-up 23-minute wash cycle.

Available in the fall of 2012, the Miele Futura ProfiLine Dishwasher combines the powerful cleaning of its top-of-the-line dishwashers—plus speed. The new ProSpeed wash cycle is said to take a mere 23 minutes. Imagine throwing a dinner party and the dishes from the main course are cleaned in the time is takes to serve dessert. It could feel like having two dishwashers; perfect for entertaining (or just handling the volume of dishes created by having multiple teens in the house).

Above: Available as a fully integrated model, the ProfiLine can be concealed behind kitchen cabinetry.

Above: The Miele Futura ProfiLine (PG8083) will retail for $3,999. Contact Meile to locate a dealer near you.

Above: Available with a flush stainless steel front or panel-ready for a fully integrated look.

Above two photos: Miele's basket system is fully adjustable, ideal for accommodating entertaining essentials like wine glasses and large serving platters.

Above: Controls are located on the top of the door for a clean seamless exterior.

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