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Snug Harbor Farm: Your First Stop in Maine

October 05, 2012 11:00 AM

BY Michelle Slatalla

"There's a truly amazing and impossibly charming garden place that we've been going to in Maine for years," wrote our friend Charlie Scott, an inveterate traveler who doesn't impress easily.

Mr. Scott is in fact the founder of a trip planning company called Truffepig Travel, so if he says a destination is worth a visit, we make a detour. This time it takes us to Kennebunk, at the southern edge of Maine, to visit the nursery, greenhouses, and gardens at Snug Harbor Farm.

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Photographs by Charlie Scott.

Above: The dove cote; sleeps nine.

Above: A peek at Snug Harbor Farm's extensive collection of terra cotta pots.

Above: The view from indoors.

Above: Trellises, teepees, and planters for vines and trailers.

Above: Hostas and ferns flank an entryway.

Above: Two greenhouses are devoted to topiaries grown in custom, hand-thrown terra cotta pots, a Snug Harbor Farm specialty. For more, see "Topiary with a Softer Side."

Above: A seasonal arrangement.

Above: Flower and farmstand; carrots $1.50. Flowers $10 a bunch.

Above: Delicata Squash $1 apiece; Acorn Squash $1.50 each. Potatoes? Name your price. We'll pay it.

Above: Greenhouse plants are for sale yearround.

Above: Yes, thank you, we'd love to come in. Looking for more garden shops? See 259 images of Garden Shops in our Gallery of rooms and spaces.

(N.B.: This is an update of a post originally published on July 10, 2012.)