Small Wonders: Studio Visit with Furze Chan by

Issue 56 · In the Library · January 24, 2013

Small Wonders: Studio Visit with Furze Chan

Issue 56 · In the Library · January 24, 2013

Safe to say, I love everything that artist Furze Chan does. From her whimsical paper puppets and soft toys to her miniature art books, there is a sense of wonder and purity in the small-scale productions of this Hong Kong designer that appeals to the child in me.

It is no surprise then that Furze Chan's sun-lit studio should also be an inspiration. In a space that is both minimal and personal, this paragon of paper and stitch lords over a kingdom of miniatures, curating and creating goods for her two brands: Ferse Verse and With Her Animal Poetry.

desk of Furze Chan

Above: Surrounding herself with personal treasures, Chan uses a wall above her desk as a rotating inspiration board.

Furze Chan studio scarves

Above: Hung along the wall, Chan's subtly hued scarf collection is a work of art in and of itself.

book vase by Furze Chan

Above: Chan's miniature book vase is just big enough to hold one tiny bloom.

RMMs Owlendar in Furze Chan studio

Above: Keeping the date on Chan's shelf is RMM's "Owlendar."

gold and silver books by Furze Chan

Above: A precious pair: Chan's Gold and Silver books are small enough to hold between your finger tips.

Furze Chan studio balloons

Above: Furze's ever-rotating wall of inspiration, today sports soaring balloons.

red hat Furze Chan studio

Above: A peak into Chan's creative space reveals her beloved red, felt hat.

Furze Chan studio with doll

Above: Plants with personality are heavily featured in Furze's studio. This succulent sits next to one of Chan's hand-sewn dolls.

miniature books by Furze Chan

Above: The covers of The Crypt, Beneath the Black Ice, and Under the Doormat feature pencil drawings by Chan.

fox legs by Furze Chan

Above: Awaiting assembly, fox legs from Chan's paper puppets; $8.

embroidered fox by Furze Chan

Above: A stitch project: little embroidered animals.

inspiration board by Furze Chan

Above: More bits of inspiration, as well as items for her shop, adorn the walls.

deer by Furze Chan

Above: A new member of Furze's extensive menagerie.

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