Recycled Metal Tiles by

Issue 33 · Sustainable Bath · August 12, 2008

Recycled Metal Tiles

Issue 33 · Sustainable Bath · August 12, 2008


Recycled metal tiles are well suited for countertops, kitchen and bath surfaces, and backsplashes. They do not fingerprint like stainless steel, and they are lighter than stone, very durable, and heat resistant (up to 300 degrees).

Below: Aluminum and brass tiles from woman-owned, Wisconsin-based Eco-Friendly Flooring. Square field tiles ranging in size from 2 to 12 inches and starting at $35 per square foot.



Eleek also manufactures recycled aluminum tiles using a finishing process that smooths and polishes the metal, revealing an organic River Rock surface that resembles weathered stone. Available shapes include squares, rectangles, frontwrap, and backsplash. Approximately $50 per square foot. Samples available; for information go to Eleek.

al_vintage.jpg al_river.jpg

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