ISSUE 39  |  Modern Simplicity

Slow Design: Heritage Salvage Wine-Soaked Flooring

October 02, 2009 6:44 PM

BY Janet Hall

Heritage Salvage, located an hour north of San Francisco in Petaluma, stocks a wide array of recycled wood, vintage lumber, salvaged flooring, and other reclaimed buillding products. We particularly like the French white oak Wine-Soaked Boards (Heritage's location just south of wine country is a plus), which are used in steel wine tanks to impart an oak barrel flavor. Once they've served their purpose, they can be reused as flooring or paneling; Heritage Salvage offers them in red wine or white wine varieties, with crystalline formations embedded in the grain. Available in two half-inch thick sizes: the 2.5-foot-by-36-inch boards are $1 each and the 4.25-foot-by-39.5-inch boards are $2 each.

Above: White-wine-soaked oak boards.

Above: Red-wine-soaked oak boards.

Above: Wine-soaked boards from Heritage Salvage can be used as paneling.