ISSUE 45  |  Scandinavian Rustic

Shopper’s Diary: Toast UK’s Christmas Collection

November 07, 2011 9:30 PM

BY Christine Chang Hanway

Our friends at Toast, the British housewares and fashion line, are launching their Christmas collection today. While it may seem a bit early to celebrate, there is no Thanksgiving in the UK, so the run-up to Christmas starts earlier here. And at any rate, it's a good time of year to enjoy warm fires and the comforts of home.

Above: A hearth is accompanied by an assortment of candles for an added glow and decked with cowbell garlands and decorations for good cheer: assorted English Beeswax Candles; £9.50 to £16.50, Miniature Cowbell Garland; £22, set of six Cowbell Decorations; £25. In front of the fire is a Sheepskin Rug; £99.

Above: Crackers, paper-wrapped tubes containing small gifts, are an age old British holiday tradition and bring a festive air to the holiday table; Crackers, set of 6 for £35. Toast tableware includes a Large Dinner Plate; £34, Soup Bowl; £27.50, Bistro Cutlery; four-piece set for £37.50, and Chai Glass; set of six for £29.00.

Above: A variety of crackled glass decorations in different shapes (Ball, Faceted Lozenge, and Plain Lozenge) nestle together; £6.95 to £7.95.

Above: Hung on a wall are Plain and Colored Baubles, available in a set of eight or set of twelve miniatures for £16.95.