ISSUE 6  |  Brooklyn Brownstones

Shopper’s Diary: The Willow Shoreditch in London

February 11, 2011 4:33 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Te Dinh Sy worked as a menswear designer for Alexander McQueen before opening The Willow Shoreditch, a flower shop that "pushes the trend for hybrid retail," according to British Vogue, incorporating a cafe (serving espresso, sandwiches, and cakes) and an ever-changing selection of objets and art and photography for sale on the premises. Rupert Blanchard of Styling and Salvage transformed the interiors using reclaimed wood and vintage finds. Go to The Willow Shoreditch for more information (or to order a hand-tied Valentine's bouquet).

Above: Flowers displayed in lab beakers.

Above: Sy adds plant-friendly dyes to water for visual interest.

Above: A scrapwood chair by Blanchard.

Above: Blanchard created wall-mounted shelving with vintage drawers.

Above: "There's something darkly romantic about a black rose," Sy says. "We recently has a client ask for black roses for a 30th birthday party. So with a few spray cans, off we went, creating a new artificial flower—an urban bloom."

Above: Hand-tied bouquets for Valentine's Day.