ISSUE 6  |  Brooklyn Brownstones

Shopper’s Diary: The Men’s Shop at the Liquor Store in NYC

February 09, 2011 7:31 PM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

Now that every American shopping street looks the same, originality has never been at such a premium. Marketing and branding genius Andy Spade of Partners & Spade set out to combat that sameness when he designed the J. Crew Men's Shop at the Liquor Store in a former Tribeca Liquor Store three years ago. He kept the original signage of the former Tribeca Liquor Bar (and also insisted on having no mention of the brand outside) and preserved the original wooden bar, which now serves as a display counter. Clothing is mixed in with a selection of carefully chosen books, paintings, LPs, toys, and other found objects for a nostalgic, general-store vibe.