Shopper's Diary: Revisiting Mc & Co in Williamsburg by

Issue 4 · The Rustic Life · January 23, 2012

Shopper's Diary: Revisiting Mc & Co in Williamsburg

Issue 4 · The Rustic Life · January 23, 2012

We recently revisited Mc & Co in Brooklyn's hipster neighborhood of Williamsburg, owned by French-born collector Corinne Gilbert.

Gilbert has not only added more wares to her offerings, drawn from her quirky stable of small-scale local artisans (half of the objects are produced are within a 10-mile radius of the shop) but she's also revamped the shop's website—making it easier for us to follow the latest additions. See our previous post here: Shopper's Diary: Mc & Co in Brooklyn); for the shop website, go to Mc & Co.

mc & co daybed, cedar wood, futon mattress

Above: The Mc & Co Daybed is designed to fit a twin-size futon or mattress—perfect for unexpected guests; $3,600.

mc & co shop display, feather arrows, wool, framed royal blue print,

Above: A Mc & Co display of arrows, which are increasingly showing up as decor these days.

mc & co organic mirrors on white brick wall

Above: Mc & Co Mirrors are inspired by puddles and pebbles; $200 to $300.

Above: Handmade Mc & Co Pillow made from canvas and wool; $225.

mc & co, white swinging lamp, woven wicker bulls head

Above L: A swing-arm lamp. Above R: Woven Wicker Bull's Head; $180.

mc & co, white mobile, green fish

Above: A Mobile hanging in delicate balance; $950.

mc & co, decorative woven wall hanging, architect tim koelle

Above: A Decorative Woven Wall Hanging is a collaboration between architect Tim Koelle and craftsmen in Mexico and are based on topographical maps; $650.

mc & co, light blue lampshade with dark blue trim, white lampshade with green trim, black lampshade with light blue trim

Above: A colorful update to the traditional Floor Lamp; $650.

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