ISSUE 45  |  Materials

Shopper’s Diary: Playtype in Copenhagen

November 07, 2012 10:00 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Why does everything cool happen in Copenhagen? Discovered via Dezeen, Playtype is a pop-up shop in the center of the city showcasing the work of Danish typeface designers e-Types. On offer: fonts loaded on USB sticks, framed or unframed posters, mugs, and other font-related essentials. Go to Playtype for more information.

Above: The shop's facade features a giant A: “We've always been type nerds," says partner Jonas Hecksher. "It’s what keeps the midnight oil burning; we spend hours on the correct curvature of a C or the proper amount of space around an A."

Above: The shop features an array of typographically stimulating products.

Above: A selection of journals, books, and Ceramic Mugs, available in 62 different characters; €18 each.

Above: A neon sign lights the tiny store.

Above: Stacking wood boxes serve as bookshelves.

Above L: The Poster ABCD features the Noir Text Light font; €18 unframed. Above R: Poster A7 features JP Special Serif Bold; €27 unframed.

N.B.: This post is a rerun; the original ran on November 8, 2011.