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Shopper’s Diary: Pistils Nursery in Portland, OR

October 04, 2012 7:00 PM

BY Michelle Slatalla

Pistils Nursery had me at the chickens. They roam the backyard of this Portland, Oregon gardener's mecca, which resembles an old-fashioned general store with its eclectic mix of merchandise.

In addition to baby chicks for sale, there's chicken seed, terrarium plants, mirror shards, outdoor sculpture, robins' eggs, seeds, books, lighting, and red wriggler worms at $30 per pound of worm. Oh, and sterling silver earrings:

Above: In North Portland, on North Mississippi Avenue, Pistils Nursery also specializes in landscape design and installation. Photograph by Frugalista via Flickr.

Above: Native plants, garden art…and if you buy a plant and a container, the Pistils staff may offer to pot it for you. Photograph by Misha Ashton via Portland Loves.

Above: Available at Pistils are feed containers, water containers, grit, cracked corn, oyster shell and organic feed, books on care and maintenance of chickens. And coops. Photograph by Judy & Paul via Flickr.

Above: Photograph by Misha Ashton via Portland Loves.

Above: Inside the shop are terrarium supplies, including air plants and shells and shiny decorative eggs. Photograph by Justin Hawthorne via Flickr.

Above: A Bird's Nest Sanseviera (with a Motherfern in background). Photograph by Pistils Nursery.

Above: The eclectic selection includes house plants. Photograph via Sunshine and Design.

Above: All the plants have "tidy, handwritten descriptions," says one reviewer on Yelp, where the consensus among reviewers is: "OMG, adorable." Photograph by Katie Jamison via Flickr.