ISSUE 33  |  Fish & Fowl

Shopper’s Diary: Petersham Nurseries in Richmond, UK

August 18, 2011 10:47 AM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

Our photographer friend Jillian Leiboff recently took a trip to Petersham Nurseries in Richmond, just outside London, and sent us an account of her visit. Leiboff first heard of Petersham from resident chef Skye Gyngell, a fellow Australian (and recent recipient of a Michelin star) who runs the wildly popular Petersham Nurseries Cafe. The Petersham Nurseries is a sort of concept garden center, owned by an Italian and Australian couple who live next door in the grand Queen Anne-style Petersham House. The couple has revamped the greenhouses, added a cafe, and established a shop offering British garden essentials, goods for the home, and European antiques and Indian finds. For more information, go to Petersham Nurseries.

Photography by Jillian Leiboff.

Above: A white-painted brick wall with directions to the Petersham Nurseries.

Above: Tea house seating in one of the greenhouses.

Above: Lavender planted in a French fruit crate.

Above: A selection of household goods on display.

Above: Produce destined for the cafe.

Above: The rustic tea-house with jams and baked goods on display.

Above: A hand barrow bearing plants for sale.

Above: A greenhouse filled with plants and pots, with rattan shading above.