ISSUE 6  |  Wire & Metallics

Shopper’s Diary: Paxton Gate

February 04, 2008 3:03 PM

BY Julie Carlson

San Francisco garden/curiosity store Paxton Gate specialized in slightly macabre wares before the whole skull/death motif went mainstream. It’s the go-to place for mounted butterflies, moths, tarantulas; taxidermy jackaloupe and mice; sea urchins and starfish. They also carry gardening tools and odds and ends such as bell jars, journals, jewelery. Well worth a visit if you are in SF; otherwise go to

Below: Ostrich eggs; $33 each:

Below: Mounted walking stick moth; $82:

Below: Sputnik sea urchins; $6.50 each:

Below: Fish skeleton on wooden base; $39: