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Shopper’s Diary: Obsolete in San Francisco

May 15, 2009 8:30 PM

BY Janet Hall

From Julie & Janet:

Great news for residents and visitors to the Bay Area: Obsolete, the much-admired, slightly under-the-radar LA-based purveyor of vintage lighting, curiosities, eccentric European furniture, and other artistic artifacts, has teamed up with Blackman Cruz and Therien & Co. Antiques in Potrero Hill in San Francisco. At the opening a couple of nights ago, we were particularly taken with the vintage Italian light fixtures, glass vessels, and antique industrial clocks on display. Owner Ray Azoulay travels to Europe every month and comes home with eccentric objects from different eras and places—medical diagrams, religious statuary, industrial objects, furniture, light fixtures—that double as lighting, furniture, and home accessories.

Above: Newly wired Caged Sconce, circa 1930s from Italy.

Above: Unusual Hand-Blown Glass Jars from France; circa 1900–1910.

Above: Soss Optometrist Trade Sign, painted glass with backlight illumination, American circa 1920.

Above: Black Case Clock with original painted surface, new mechanism; England, circa 1920-1930; $3,600.

Above: Handmade Primitive Unusual Windsor Sitting Chair from England; circa 1830.