Objects of Use in Oxford by

Issue 1 · A Clean Slate · January 6, 2012

Objects of Use in Oxford

Issue 1 · A Clean Slate · January 6, 2012

A Remodelista reader clued us in to Objects of Use, a source for well-designed tools and furniture. Formerly located in Ironbridge (the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution), Objects of Use recently relocated to Oxford, near the famed Covered Market.

"We seek out international archetypes of everyday objects, often items that have been made in the same way, by the same people, for a long time," they say. "We believe that having the right tool for the job vastly improves the experience of completing our daily tasks." For more information, visit Objects of Use.

Objects of Use exterior store front in Oxford, England

Above: Objects of Use at No. 6 Lincoln House on Market Street in Oxford.

Objects of Use Welsh blankets and brooms

Above: Welsh Tapestry Blankets (£150 to £180) and Striped Blankets (£160) are stacked next to an array of cleaning tools.

Objects of Use goat-hair brooms and domestic science products

Above: Brooms of all shapes and sizes: small Pear Wood Dusters (£22), a narrow Furniture Brush (£32.50), and Goat Hair Vienna Brooms in white and black (£45 to £48).

Objects of Use scissors and ceramics

Above: A White Enamel Colander (£40) hangs from the wall, with beech wood Kitchen Sieves (£20 to £22) to its right and and various Scissors on the left.

Ostrich feather duster and window display

Above: A large ostrich Feather Duster (£17.50) looks out onto the street, along with small utility brushes, like the Bathtub Brush (£20) and Washing Up Whisks (£6).

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