ISSUE 40  |  Confident Colors

Shopper’s Diary: Nils Holger Moormann Goods for the Home

October 08, 2010 8:30 PM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

Upper Bavaria is not usually on our radar, but we're longing to check into Berge (Hotels, Lodging and Restaurants: Berge in Germany). In the meantime, we've found the next best thing: Berge Equipment, a selection of products Moormann designed for his inn and now available online at Moormann-Berge.

Above L: Salinchen is a small maple wooden bowl and spoon handcarved in Aschau; €34.90. Above R: Durstlöscher Mug; €23.90 each.

Above L: Schlemmerschüsseln wooden maple bowls are handmade in Aschau and are available in four sizes, small to large: €67,€69, and €74; the flat bowl is €72. Above R: Wooden Napkin Rings designed by Doris Gassmann are made from maple and can be used as egg cups or napkin rings; a set of four is €23.50.

Above L: Trockenzeit white piqué towels from 100 percent cotton, large for €28.10 and small for €9.90. Above R: Besenkammerl storage box designed by Carl Clerkin for €168.