ISSUE 96  |  The Urban Kitchen

Channeling Picasso: Honoré Décoration in Marseilles

January 21, 2016 11:00 AM

BY Julie Carlson

T Magazine calls Marseilles “The secret capital of France, a magnet for bohemia, like Berlin.” Visitors in search of the bohemian vibe would do well to stay at Saint Honoré, a small guesthouse in the VIeux Port, which features an adjacent home furnishing shop called Honoré Décoration.

In a converted studio off a narrow alley in the seaport city’s oldest quartier, Annick de Lestrohan, owner of Saint Honoré, and her daughter, Ingrid Giribone, weave Moroccan influences into their Honoré Décoration line of furniture and accessories for the home. To see the full line, go to Honoré Décoration.


Above: Photo by Simplement Beau.


Above: A wicker bulls head and assorted accessories for the home.


Above L: A pair of rustic laurel wood and leather chairs. Above R: Rows of small vessels made from lemon wood.


Above: A view of the showroom; two large Iron and Twine Lampshades hang overhead.


Above: Wool Throws with contrasting piping.


Above: Pottery on display.


Above: Raffia Wall Lights with Pompom Detail.


Above: Vibrantly colored handpainted plates and cups.


Above: Ibiza Wicker Sconces hover about a Hotel Logo Pillowcase.


Above: A bohemian alternative to the Hermes blanket: a Fringed Blanket in orange.


Above: An Iron and Rope Chair, suitable for indoor/outdoor use.


Above: An Iron and Rope Table with Mirror Top.


Above: An Iron and Canvas Deck Chair.

Heading to Marseilles? Book a room at Saint Honoré, the city’s chicest guesthouse, located in the VIeux Port.