ISSUE 41  |  Moody Artistes

Shopper’s Diary: Les Mauvaises Graines in Paris

October 11, 2011 8:35 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Located in the 18th arrondissement, Les Mauvaises Graines is a garden concept store with an eco-warrior-meets-rock-and-roll vibe: Owner David Jeannerot balances beauty with biodiversity, featuring what he calls "eco disco" products for the urban gardener: patent leather planters, trendy tools, "rock gardens"; there's even a vintage motorcycle parked indoors. Go to Les Mauvaises Graines for more information.

Above: Who could resist a garden shop called "The Bad Seed"?

Above: Motorcycle as planter in the interior of Les Mauvaises Graines.

Above: Potted plants, books, candlesticks are among the eclectic offerings (note the mirrored disco ball).

Above: Les Mauvaises Graines' take on "rock gardens," on sale in the shop, are inspired by Japanese bento boxes.

Above: Porcelain garden gnomes.

Above: Unexpected touches (butterflies attached to lamp cords) abound.

Above: A hippo head mounted to the wall displays hanging gardens.

Above: The back area of the store features a mural of a forest.