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La Trésorerie: A New Interiors Shop in Paris

July 16, 2014 3:00 PM

BY Margot Guralnick

Paris designer Gesa Hanson tipped us off: the new, must-see shop in Paris right now is La Trésorerie, a housewares emporium specializing in timeless, well-made goods with a European accent. Located steps from Place de la République, the shop is housed in a former treasury building–look for the exterior metal grills–and even has its own Swedish cafe.

“Our politic when it comes to selecting merchandise is quite simple,” says Lino Landau, who opened La Trésorerie with two design-minded friends, Denis Greffault, founder of Paris’s organic food shop Lemo, and Elsa Coustals, who hails from the fashion industry. “We like good-quality products that are made in Europe; we like long-lasting materials, such as cast iron, glass, stainless steel, and stoneware; and we like sourcing from companies that own their own factories or workshops. We sell things that have stories to tell.”

Photographs courtesy of La Trésorerie, unless otherwise noted.

Above: La Trésorerie is located in an 1870s former treasury building that retains its well-protected exterior and, over the door, the initials RF for République Franí§aise.

Above: The 3,200-square-foot interior, with original skylights, was remodeled by Paris firm I’m In Architecture. Elizabeth Leriche of Bureau de Style Elizabeth Leriche designed the shop and its inventive displays, including a wooden house filled with bathroom products. The Bean Tables are by Karsten Lauritsen of Designer Zoo in Copenhagen.

Above: La Trésorerie sells eco paints by UK company Earthborn. 

Above: Minimalist tables and shelving are lined with pots and pans, including white enamelware by Riess of Austria. Read about the nine-generation family company in Object Lessons: The Pastel Enamel Pot.

Above: Household brushes and an old-fashioned rattan carpet beater by Redecker of Germany.

Above: La Trésorerie stocks bathroom accessories made for the Scandinavian sauna.

Above: Striped cotton mattress toppers are displayed with cotton throws and plaid “picnic rugs” by Tweedmill of Northern Wales.

Above: A selection of breakfast wares and linens.

Above: Smörgas, the shop’s in-house cafe, offers the ideal shopping snack: Swedish open-faced sandwiches and coffee from Paris roasters Belleville Brí»lerie.


To see La Trésorerie’s UK role model, have a look at Labour and Wait in London. And if you can’t get to Paris, you can Shop at Merci Online.

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Below: La Trésorerie is located near Place de la République in Paris’s 10th Arrondissment.