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Shopper’s Diary: Kirk Albert Vintage Furnishings in Seattle

April 26, 2011 4:34 PM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

When it comes to vintage furnishings in Seattle, Kirk Albert is the go-to dealer in town; he combs the country for found objects as well as vintage and folk art pieces. He has an unerring ability to find what he refers to as "perfect imperfections—artifacts that are distinctive precisely because of their unique flaws. I believe there is an extraordinary quality to objects that have been handcrafted or aged over decades that simply cannot be replicated." His Georgetown store, KIrk Albert Vintage Furnishings, is full of such pieces, and his revolving inventory serves as a resource for clients such as Olson Kundig and the Ace Hotel. Also on display in store: Albert's own line of lighting, fabricated from vintage pieces. His book Perfect Imperfections ($48) further explores his philosophy and collections; to purchase, contact Kirk Albert.

N.B. Visitors to Albert's store should visit the equally compelling Susan Wheeler Home, located next door. Eastside residents can see a selection of both Wheeler and Albert's pieces in the newly opened Haystack Antiques in Bellevue.

Above: Albert incorporates plenty of art finds with his vintage pieces, such as this over-sized photograph.

Above: Reclaimed wood desk against the wall with industrial bulk head lamps in foreground.

Above: A custom light Albert made for Oddfellows.Cafe.

Above: Enameled lettering hangs above a settle with a spindle-and-splat seatback.

Above: Nineteenth-century hand-wrought chain sconces flank a mirror.

Photos via Trove Interiors.