ISSUE 51  |  Textiles & Textures

Hidden Cabin in Southern France

December 21, 2009 6:30 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Designers Jamie and Diane Welstead (he's Scottish, she's American of Norwegian descent) live in an old farmhouse in the south of France; after many years spent creating textiles for the international fashion market, the couple started Hidden Cabin in 2000 with an aim to produce "natural, simple, and real" clothing and items for the home. "We found ourselves living in an area of France with an extraordinary tradition of weaving beautiful fabrics and tanning and working fine leathers," they say. "We work with small ateliers to produce goods that have the air of being well used and well loved by generations; the type of things you'd find in an old wooden cabin by a lake." N.B. The couple also designed the interiors of today's Hotels, Lodging & Restaurants: Hidden Hotel in Paris.

Above: Rudolf Blanket; thick double-sided throw in pure baby alpaca and natural delave linen, with leather tabs; €395.

Above: Apron Pack; made of industrial-strength, stone-washed linen with machine-washable leather ties; on sale for €82 (down from €92).

Above: Tall Pouf in undyed, unbleached rustic linen or in plunge-dyed calfskin; filled with buckwheat hulls. Two sizes, regular and tall; prices start at €275.

Above: Settle Cushions in stonewashed linen; 60 centimeters square (23.6 inches sqaure); cover alone is €82, with down insert add €17.

Above: Folding Camp Stool in French beechwood with a canvas or leather seat; €170 for canvas, €217 for leather.