ISSUE 45  |  Scandinavian Rustic

Shopper’s Diary: Haymaker in Chicago

November 09, 2011 9:24 PM

BY Izabella Simmons

I recently had a chance to stop by The Haymaker Shop, located in the Andersonville neighborhood of Chicago, which exemplifies a new generation of home goods stores focusing on local design. The owner, Arrin Williams, envisioned a creative ecosystem that represents the work and spirit of designers; everything in the store is produced by designers and artists in Chicago and the Midwest and showcases Williams' love of craftsmanship. For more information, go to The Haymaker Shop.

Photography by Sara Pooley and Arrin Williams.

Above: Haymaker's front window on grand opening night in June this year.

Above: Haymaker displays goods in its airy white space.

Above: Silk-screened posters for an Andy Warhol exhibition, "The Cow of Mr. Warhol," designed by Legendre and Rutter; $84 each. The chair was made by ReBuilding Exchange from wood salvaged from Chicago tear-downs. The white-washed reclaimed wood and steel chair was made by Chicago-based Whitney Gaylord.

Above: Screen-printed Chicago "El" pillows by Zerobird; $40 each. Gold antlers by Haymaker owner Arrin Williams; $75 for the pair.

Above: Screen-printed Chicago posters, inspired by the Carl Sandburg poem, Chicago, by Know Your Flag; $30 each. The two tables are by New Breed Furniture Network. Along the wall are vintage saws, painted in bright colors by Williams; $40 each.

Above: Slip-cast pottery made from real fruits and vegetables by Vegetabowls; $22 to $30. In back are Tealight Totems of carved maple—holding tea lights made by Chicago bees—by Plywood Office; $39 each.

Above: The Franklin Series coffee table and chairs by Chicago's Navillus Woodworks. Wheel-thrown and pulled teapots and cups by designer Miki Shim-Rutter; $20 to $90.