ISSUE 22  |  The Well-Appointed Bath

Shopper’s Diary: Glassybaby in Seattle

June 01, 2009 9:00 PM

BY Janet Hall

One of my favorite Seattle sources, Glassybaby, recently opened a second store at University Village in Seattle. Designed by Lee Rhodes, Glassybabies are vibrantly colored, handblown glass votives available in 53 colors; they can be used as glasses (they’re dishwasher safe), candle holders, vases, or just as tabletop jewels. Prices are $40 per 3.75-inch-high votive (plus tax and shipping), and you can order online directly from Glassybaby. If you are in Seattle, visit Glassybaby’s studio and store, designed by Roy McMakin of Domestic Architecture, in the Madrona neighborhood, at 34th and Union Streets (206-568-7368). You can watch the glass blowers in action (for more on the process click here) through a large window between the shop and the studio.

Last year, Rhodes added a new product, The Drinker, a semi-transparent glass with a slightly thinner and more rounded bottom than the Glassybaby; $50 each in a variety of colors.

Photos courtesy of Domestic Architecture, Glassybaby, and Flickr.