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Shopper’s Diary: Few & Far Indian Summer

September 02, 2009 10:10 AM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

Priscilla Carlucci’s London store Few and Far is a brilliiant concept: Carlucci (she’s a sister of Terence Conran) takes a seasonal approach to merchandising, with the look and feel revolving around a central theme that changes every three months. On my recent visit, Indian Summer was in full swing, with an array of multi-hued Indian goods on offer, ranging from place settings, paper lanterns, printed fabrics, colored glasses, and a whole range of kitchenware. Alas, no online shopping, but they will ship anywhere. Product photos by Joakim Blockstrom.

Above: Traditional Rajsthan water beaker. Above R: Traditional Indian saute bowl in stainless steel.

Above L: Traditional Indian wall-mounted dish drainer and cooking utensils in stainless steel and beaten copper. Above R: Lacquered wood occasional table with brass legs.