ISSUE 9  |  Urban Lofts

Shopper’s Diary: Dosa 818 in Los Angeles

March 04, 2011 9:30 PM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

On a recent trip to Los Angeles, Julie and I stopped in at Dosa 818, the temple-like urban loft where designer Christina Kim showcases her line of clothing and household wares. Located on the top floor of the terra-cotta-tiled Wurlitzer building in LA’s fashion district, the open space reflects Kim’s commitment to the handcrafted and artisanal. The loft’s original concrete floor and pillars are counterbalanced by simple low-to-the-ground tables displaying an ever-changing array of objets and artisan-created accessories from all over the world. Go to Dosa 818 for more information.

Above: The loft occupies an entire floor in the historic Wurlitzer building.

Above: A collection of vintage glass vases.

Above: Kim frequently stages exhibitions of artists’ work she admires.

Above: A collection of bell jars displaying spidery black coral.

Above: An eclectic collection of wares (both new and vintage) on offer.

Above: A mural of golden traced feet covers a wall.

Above: Patchwork pillows made from vibrantly hued fabrics.

Above: A collection of ceramics, including Kim’s Phases of the Moon tea set for Heath Ceramics.

Above: Images via OK Store Blog, OK via Flickr and Sarah.