Shopper's Diary: DesignStory Launches by

Issue 35 · Marrakesh Color · September 4, 2010

Shopper's Diary: DesignStory Launches

Issue 35 · Marrakesh Color · September 4, 2010

Take two Finns from Helsinki, a shared international background as seasoned hi-tech entrepreneurs, combine it with a love of modern design, and you have the genesis for DesignStory, a newly launched online retail community for modern design lovers. Founders Inka Mero and Mia Lewin work directly with designers on their thoughtfully sourced finds, which feature a Euro-Scandi bent and include limited editions, new items, products that are hard to source in the US, as well as other objects of desire. 

Stay tuned for their upcoming sales from Kaiku, Offi, and Iittala. To sign up, go to DesignStory (it's free).

Above: Furniture from Loll.
Above: Wagons and carts from Kaiku.

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